The Mortensen blog – the early years

Here is an index of all my blog posts, going back to 2010. Yes, this is meta talk. If you are not interested in this, wait for an upcoming blog post or pick a blog post from the list here. The following is an index of my blog, especially the old one on Blogger (domain name

The idea is that it is much easier to find older blog posts if their titles are all on a single page.

Yes, “the early years” is a reference to Forth – The Early Years

The blog post index

Date Title
2021-12-24 Rapoo mechanical keyboards gotchas and setup
2021-12-17 Current podcasts (2021)
2021-09-10 Taking a screenshot of a menu in Cinnamon (Linux)
2021-06-18 The Mortensen blog – the early years
2021-03-02 Krita on Linux as the equivalent to Windows’ Paint
2020-12-31 Keyboard-only use of block/column mode in different text editors (Geany, Visual Studio, UltraEdit, Notepad++, Visual Studio Code, Vim, and Emacs)
2020-11-11 Building Emacs from source on Ubuntu 20.04 in 2020
2020-09-11 Formatting Quora comments
2020-06-24 Formatting WordPress comments, e.g. on the Stack Overflow official blog
2020-05-19 Source code for NoScript
2020-05-15 Get a feed URL from existing RSS feeds in Thunderbird
2020-04-12 Formatting LBRY comments
2020-04-07 Drawing a line in Pinta
2020-03-29 Using Geany as a replacement for UltraEdit
2020-03-22 Bold and italics in YouTube comments
2019-12-31 The secret index of all Stack Overflow blog posts
2019-12-08 Getting the ARM toolchain to work on Ubuntu 19.04 and later (including for Black Magic Probe (BMP))
2019-10-04 PowerShell aliases and missing Microsoft documentation
2018-09-10 Current podcasts (2018)
2018-04-07 Using ChatZilla in the age of Firefox Quantum
2018-03-31 Level shifter, 18 V to 5 V
2017-06-14 Getting started with 1Bitsy and Black Magic Probe
2017-04-16 Emacs basics
2016-12-31 Installing a Subversion server on a (new) Raspberry Pi, Apache 2.4
2015-12-01 Drawing a line in Inkscape
2015-01-02 Installing VLC media player and MPlayer on Raspberry Pi and Ubuntu
2014-12-05 Breaking into PowerShell
2013-02-26 M95C512 is a 64 kilobyte EEPROM
2012-04-15 The scripting story for .NET
2012-03-21 My active podcast list
2012-03-20 Firefox keyboard shortcuts
2011-12-29 Firefox version history
2011-08-30 The ALT.NET movement
2011-08-28 CHAOS team
2011-07-24 Stack Exchange word corrections
2011-06-11 How do I get started writing Java programs for Nokia 5220?
2011-04-15 Word list for editing Stack Exchange sites
2011-04-05 Wikipedia news
2010-12-14 WikiSpeedia
2010-11-28 Speed up Firefox, address bar
2010-11-06 Wikipedia as a Q&A site
2010-09-19 Bug reporting for the Opera web browser
2010-09-12 Windows command line reference
2010-09-11 Get started when it comes to entrepreneurship may not cut it
2010-09-04 Sites violating Stack Exchange’s license agreement
2010-08-28 Controlling the play order for Creative MP3 players
2010-08-14 LOLCODE
2010-08-01 Everything on the use of “etc.”
2010-07-14 Google’s calculator
2010-07-06 Wikipedia featured lists
2010-06-27 Don’t use “awhile”
2010-06-25 The Maker, an open source CMS
2010-05-28 Steve Gibson is wrong, wrong, wrong
2010-05-26 News on Stack Exchange 2.0
2010-05-22 Jump the shark
2010-05-18 Top 200 blogs by software developers
2010-05-16 This week in Venture Capital mentions Stack Overflow
2010-05-12 .NET idiomatic code snippets for regular expressions
2010-05-02 Uncyclopedia
2010-04-30 Joel Spolsky’s turn in Hanselminutes
2010-04-29 Converting a SWF file
2010-04-28 Interview with the creator of .NET
2010-04-26 Stack Overflow podcast 87 is out!
2010-04-26 Interpretor is not a word
2010-04-26 Jump page for Stack Overflow, etc.
2010-04-26 Using Firefox without a mouse
2010-04-24 Microprocessor for Arduino

The making of this list

For the old blog, the publication dates, titles, and URLs for the 53 blog posts were captured by manually opening each blog post in the admin interface and copy-pasting the information from its edit view page. A Perl one-liner was used to transform the captured information in a text file to table rows HTML content for inclusion here.

For the new blog, an SQL query on the WordPress database and an export of the query result was done using the phpMyAdmin interface on the hosting site. The SQL query ordered the blog posts in reverse chronological order:

SELECT post_date, post_title, concat('', post_name) FROM world2_wp_posts WHERE post_status='publish' and post_type='post' ORDER BY post_date DESC;

A Perl one-liner was used to transform the exported information (in MediaWiki table format) to table rows HTML content for inclusion here.

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