Current podcasts (2021)

This is the current list of podcasts I actively listen to. The previous list is from 2018.


Name RSS feed URL Notes
Gravity Assist The Solar System and associated space missions. Host: Jim Green (former NASA Chief Scientist)
Den nye rumalder News and interviews related to space missions. In Danish. R4dio.
Supermassive podcast Astronomy, incl. what you can observe with your own eyes. AKA Never Mind the Spacerocks (at least in the RSS feed). Host: Dr. Becky, with a YouTube channel of the same name
Astronomy Cast Astronomy, all fields. Hosts: Dr. Pamela L. Gay and Fraser Cain
Geocast Geo physics, rocks, and some technology (measurements). Hosts: Shannon Dulin and John Leeman. Tag line: Don’t panic. It is not an exact science.


Name RSS feed URL Notes
Embedded Embedded software and hardware in the broadest sense. Hosts: Elicia White and Chris White. Sample stellar episode: episode 395
The Amp Hour Electronics Podcast Hosts: Mr. EEVblog (but sadly only about half the time) and Chris Gammell.

Software development

Name RSS feed URL Notes
Complete Developer Podcast Covers all aspects of software development, not just the technical side, but also e.g. personality types and career advice.
Software Engineering Radio Tag line: The podcast for professional software developers
The Stack Overflow Podcast The official podcast for Stack Overflow.
.NET Rocks! Covers mostly .NET, but also other topics.
Hanselminutes Tag line: Fresh talk and tech for developers
CodeNewbie Interviews related to how to get started as a software developer.
Command Line Heroes History of computing, including interviews with some who were there.
CoRecursive High-quality interviews with commentary. Tag line: Software Engineering Interviews
Last Week in .NET Centered on Microsoft and .NET. By a former Stack Overflow moderator. Dramatic reading of the blog of the same name.
Greater Than Code Alternative views on how the software development world ought to be.


Name RSS feed URL Notes
Grammar Girl English. Tag line: Quick and dirty tips for better writing
The Indie Hackers Podcast Freelancing. Starting own companies.
Hacker Public Radio Various technology topics, incl. Forth.
Vildspor Nature, especially management of wildlife. In Danish. R4dio.
Vildt Naturligt Plant and animals, mostly in Denmark. Nature. Biology. In Danish.
Security Now The best computer security podcast there is, with real information. However, it is plagued by tv-length commercials (up to 9 minutes at a time). Often there isn’t any real information before 30 minutes in.
Det langsomme menneske Sort of philosophy. In Danish.

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