Source code for NoScript

The source code for NoScript is in fact available: Repository “noscript” on GitHub.

It is not that obvious. On the main page it says “…this free, open source add-on”, but without any kind of reference to where it is. You are left guessing.

The reference to where it is is on another page, near the end: “Starting with NoScript, NoScript’s public source code repository is hosted on GitHub.”. It is also on the Wikipedia page for NoScript.

Keyboard shortcuts

This was prompted by the fact the documented shortcuts (near “If you’re not a mouse lover”) for activating NoScript (instead of using the mouse) do not work at all (for one, they conflict with keyboard shortcuts in Firefox).

Also, the entries in Firefox’s about:config, noscript.keys.*, for changing them do not exist (are we expected to create them ourselves and what should the default values be??), and it is not clear if they will work at all or if the documentation is (also) seriously out of date on this point. The keyboard shortcuts may only work in the pre-Firefox Quantum versions of NoScript (the options are in data structure “Legacy.migrated.prefs” and do not seem to be referenced anywhere).

Some of the source code is referenced (and analysed) in the blog post XSS Challenge Solution – Refresh header (2020-03-27) (by Alexander Inf├╝hr).

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