Formatting WordPress comments, e.g. on the Stack Overflow official blog

One would expect Markdown to be supported on the Stack Overflow official blog, but it is not. It is a WordPress-based blog and there aren’t any comment plugins in use. Also, comments get lost if JavaScript is not allowed from certain domains.

Note that all formatting, e.g., bold and italics (or at least in the preview and pre-approved view) broke in September 2020. Whether it will actually appear in the public (approved) version is an open question. Links seem to be still working.

Bold and italics

Use HTML formatting. Note that “strong” and “em” are supported, but not “b” and “i”.


In the <em>title</em> it <strong><em>should</em></strong> be.


Use HTML formatting.


<a href="">lookup</a>



Other considerations

With JavaScript allow listing (NoScript), the submitting of comments on the Stack Overflow official blog silently fails and the comment will be lost forever (another reason for writing the comment off-site, e.g. in a text document). Though in some browsers (in Firefox) it may be possible to save the comment by pressing the back button. It probably also fails for other WordPress-based blogs.

It works if JavaScript is allowed from these domains (but it is currently not known if a smaller set will do):    (for that particular blog)     (not present on all WordPress sites)          (not present on all WordPress sites)

Positively not needed:

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