Get a feed URL from existing RSS feeds in Thunderbird

Very often RSS readers resist revealing the feed URLs once entered. That was the case for Firefox and is also the case for Thunderbird (which has a decent feed reader (but not on the level of Opera with its single “inbox” for RSS feeds)).


It is very far from being intuitive (for example, when I wrote this I had to struggle for 10 minutes, even though I knew it was possible). The trick is to know to expand an element in a list.

It is by:

  1. Click on “Podcast, blogs, and news feed” on the left
  2. Click on Manage subscriptions on the right (top, under “Feeds”)
  3. For the RSS feed you want the RSS URL for, expand by clicking on the little right-pointing arrow (to the left, of the RSS icon and feed headline).
  4. Left click on the expanded element (usually there is only one)
  5. Copy the feed URL from the field “Feed URL” (the second field)

Not intuitive

It is not in context. E.g., right clicking on the feed headline on the left and choosing Properties will not lead to anything. Subscribe will get you to the same as Manage subscriptions, but the name suggests it can only be used for adding a new feed.

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