Drawing a line in Pinta

Just like in Inkscape, finding out how to do the simplest of things, drawing a straight line in Pinta (a drawing program equivalent to Paint on Windows), is unbelievably difficult.

For instance, the help text for the tool says “Press ENTER to finalise the shape”, but when Enter is pressed, everything drawn disappears!

In any case, as Pinta is extremely unstable, I recommend using Krita instead.

Basic line drawing

  1. The tool to use is “Line/Curve”, third-last from the bottom in the second column of the toolstrip on the right.
  2. Make sure the foreground colour for the tools (the colour of the front big square at the lower left) is different from the background colour in the drawing area! Typically, the tool colour should not be white.
  3. Left click, drag, and release the left mouse button.

Line width

In the second toolstrip row at the top, set “Brush width”.

Drawing in an area that has been cleared with Del (checkered)

Pinta is extremely unstable

While basic cut and paste of images (e.g. for screenshots) works fine, the drawing part (for instance, drawing lines here) is extremely unstable, meaning it outright crashes, or it freezes (becomes unresponsive and the only way out is to force quit it).

So be sure to save often.

An alternative is to use Krita instead. It is also much more intuitive to use.

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