Fixed Strings - Edit Overflow v. 1.1.49a65 2020-09-21T223006Z+0

Menu formatting:

HTML non-breaking space:

HTML break:


The degrees symbol (Unicode, e.g. for temperature):

Arrow (HMTL):

Arrow (Unicode):

Arrow (Unicode, alternative):

The ohm symbol (Unicode, e.g. for electrical resistance):

The micro symbol (Unicode, e.g. µs for microseconds):

True single quote (not the ASCII one):

True double quotes (not the ASCII ones):

Regular expressions for code checking

Note: As the false positive rate is high, every match should be checked manually

All combined ("Missing space before {", "Missing space after colon", "Missing space after comma", "Missing space around equal sign", "Missing space around string concatenation (by \"+\")", "Space before comma", "Space before colon", "Space before parenthesis", and "Space before semicolon"):

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