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Character entity references in HTML

Menu formatting:

HTML non-breaking space:

HTML break:


en dash (ref) - – (HTML):

en dash - – (Unicode. Code point 2013):

em dash (ref) - — (HTML):

em dash - — (Unicode. Code point 2014):

Arrow - → (HTML):

Subscript (HTML):

Superscript (HTML):

Italics (HTML. Shortcut: z):

Bold (HTML strong):

Arrow (Unicode):

Arrow (Unicode, alternative):

The ohm symbol (Unicode, e.g. for electrical resistance):

The micro symbol (Unicode, e.g. µs for microseconds):

The degrees symbol (Unicode, e.g. for temperature):

True single quote (not the ASCII one):

True double quotes (not the ASCII ones):

Tilde (Unicode code point 007E):

Caret (Unicode code point 005E. 'r'):

Middle dot - · (Unicode code point 00B7):

Code formatting check

Note: It is rudimentary. As the false positive rate is high, every match should be checked manually.

Regular expression ("missing space before {", "missing space after colon", "missing space after comma", "missing or too much space around equal sign", "missing space around string concatenation (by "+")", "space before comma", "space before colon", "space before right parenthesis", "space before semicolon", "space after left parenthesis", "missing space around some operators", "missing capitalisation in comment (Jon Skeet decree)", "missing space in comment (Jon Skeet decree)", and "single-line 'if' statements"):

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