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Note: This is for guidance only. The canned comments should not be used in an overly generic fashion. They should be tailored to each post.

Links in the canned comments are in Markdown inline format (thus can be used without modication on Stack Exchange and LBRY/Odysee.

For preemptive use: Responses to comments should normally be by editing the post, not in comments (and it should not contain meta information). Note: The ID in the link must be set. (Note: this is not a full canned comments, only a fragment. It should be combined)

Code-only answers normally need some explanation to be useful.

Spelling of Stack Overflow, Stack Exchange, and other Stack Exchange sites, etc. No matter how it looks in a logo it is "Stack Overflow" and "Stack Exchange" (the last section - "Proper Use of the Stack Exchange Name"). The only exception is "MathOverflow" (and Jeff Atwood should have said no at the time).

Many users come to Meta Stack Overflow to complain about being question-banned on Stack Overflow. Many of them use low English skills as an excuse, but capitalising "i" and capitalising sentences don't require any skills.

Many users on Stack Overflow post answers as questions, because they can't comment below 50 reputation points (the system will not allow it).

Stack Overflow is not a forum. But many users on Stack Overflow think they are on a forum.

Many users on Stack Overflow probably post questions on meta sites (e.g., on Meta Stack Overflow and Meta Stack Exchange), because they are question-banned (and naively think they can get away with it - but such posts are usually deleted within a few minutes).
Note that there are some placeholders and things to delete in this canned comment, marked with "[]" - depending on where it is posted.

Text (code, error messages, configuration files, sample input, sample output, etc.) should be copy-pasted, not provided as an image.

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