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Download latest version (v. 1.1.41, 2018-12-16). (Tweet - note that updates are through ClickOnce and thus the latest version is installed rather than what may be referred to in the tweet.)

Edit Overflow is an application for helping with the mundane aspects of editing Stack Overflow and other Stack Exchange sites posts. For instance, quick (using the clipboard and keyboard shortcuts) correction of common spelling mistakes for things (programming languages, software products, company names, and hardware).

Sample word lists:

Edit Overflow's first incarnation is a .NET Windows desktop application, but it is planned to appear on various platforms (Windows, Linux, web, mobile). Documentation: none at the moment (input and output is in many cases the clipboard, for instance the commands with keyboard shortcuts F5 and F7).

Changes since the last version (1.1.30):

  1. Menu item ActionRegular expression to Clipboard (primarily intended for checking source code) now has more items. Note that when using the regular expression it is prone to false positives and thus every match should be manually checked.
  2. Added more words (now at 5980 input words and 1668 output words).

To be implemented before a true release:

  1. Reworked user interface (the current is only experimental). For instance, break into several types of windows or a tabbed interface.
  2. User defined wordlist
  3. Import and export facilities for the wordlist
  4. Partial matching, at least when something is typed into the look-up field
  5. Support for all Stack Exchange sites
  6. Remember settings across program restarts

Notes file

notes.txt, HTML version

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Oil price

The unit on the y-axis is USD per bbl. The four graphs show the price for the last month, last 3 months, last year and last five years, respectively.

Oil price, last 4 weeks Oil price, last 3 months Oil price, last 12 months Oil price, last 5 years
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